Spawn, BANG…Spawn, BANG…

So, Battlefield 3…

He looks badass right? I'm not that guy apparently...

So I’ve played a few rounds of Battlefield 3 and, well, I’m not very good at it. I don’t know why, I was freaking awesome at Battlefield 1942, 1943 and Modern Combat. I don’t know what my deal is with BF3… it’s frustrating.

I sure as shit can’t fly, that’s for damn sure. My first encounter with a helicopter did not end well, I think I was airborne for all of .04 seconds. Seriously. I made the chopper do a backflip and that was about it.

I’m much better on foot or in a tank. I’m amazing in a tank. I’m the sneakiest ninja tank you’ve ever seen (or haven’t seen). But it does lead me to a question…

Will I be getting Modern Warfare 3?

Yeah, probably, just because all of my friends will be getting it (damn peer pressure) but I’m not super awesomesauce at that game either. I’m better at CoD than I am at Battlefield but, still, I’m not really excited for it. I think I may be wargamed out.

Have a safe Halloween weekend everyone. I leave you with a sexy Pikachu!


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