Alright Call of Duty: Elite, ya got me


So here I am, sitting outside of Gamestop, for the launch of another Call of Duty title. Now I’m not super amazeballs at the game, but I do live me some ‘splosions and this is as good of a place as any to find some.

Now this new CoD does include a new component, Call of Duty: Elite. The free version is basically a CoD Facebook the looks to be implemented a hell of a lot better than Battlefield 3’s Battlelog which, quite frankly, kinda sucked. I could never get it to work right and I couldn’t see what my friends were doing. So bully to that.

Now the pay version of Elite, which is 49.99 and which I was totally against initially, is basically a suped up season pass. Apparently CoD is going to have monthly DLC which you get for free. You also get some exclusive skins and dodads for your guy (and I love me some exclusive dodads) and a shitton of other stuff.

Now how well this stuff works once everything is live remains to be seen but the DLC alone makes it worth it. Well played Activision.


Elena Fisher, Is That You?

So, as predicted, Uncharted 3 is ruling my life right now. The only reason I took the game out of my PS3 was to try out the Nightwing DLC for Arkham City. Nightwing is a total badass by the way, even more so than Robin.

Anyway, while playing Uncharted 3, I ran into on again/off again girlfriend Elena Fisher. I knew she was coming but when she showed up something just wasn’t right. I tweeted about it yesterday, it seems like something is wrong with her face. Here’s Elena from the original Uncharted:

Elena, the girl next door

Cute, wholesome looking, spunky, this is the Elena Fisher we all met in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. The wide eyed reporter that tagged along with Drake during his escapades. Not gonna lie, I had a little bit of a digital crush on her in the first game. The came Uncharted 2:

Elena, Sassy Reporter

In UC2 Elena was, I guess, rendered a little better. She had a little more of a Sassypants attitude and she looked a little more worldly. But when I ran into her in UC3, well…

Elena Fisher, Asian Correspondent?

Did she change race between games? There’s something with her whole eyes/nose area that really doesn’t make her look like herself. I don’t know what’s going on with her face. She’s still very pretty, she just doesn’t look like herself.

The game is still awesome though. On a related note, if anyone is down for some co-op my PSN ID is Halfazedninja. Hit me up!