Alright Call of Duty: Elite, ya got me


So here I am, sitting outside of Gamestop, for the launch of another Call of Duty title. Now I’m not super amazeballs at the game, but I do live me some ‘splosions and this is as good of a place as any to find some.

Now this new CoD does include a new component, Call of Duty: Elite. The free version is basically a CoD Facebook the looks to be implemented a hell of a lot better than Battlefield 3’s Battlelog which, quite frankly, kinda sucked. I could never get it to work right and I couldn’t see what my friends were doing. So bully to that.

Now the pay version of Elite, which is 49.99 and which I was totally against initially, is basically a suped up season pass. Apparently CoD is going to have monthly DLC which you get for free. You also get some exclusive skins and dodads for your guy (and I love me some exclusive dodads) and a shitton of other stuff.

Now how well this stuff works once everything is live remains to be seen but the DLC alone makes it worth it. Well played Activision.


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