I’m turning into a Rock God…


Well not yet, but I am in love with Rocksmith.

Seriously though, I knew I was going to enjoy it, Rocksmith is an amazing piece of software. It’s not even right to call it a game, it’s so much more than that. And the fact that I’m almost at the point where I can play I Can’t Get No Satisfaction almost completely just plugged into a real amp after only a week? AmaZing.

The Vita came out this week, along with Twisted Metal for the PS3, and I’m holding off on both of them for a bit. I’m still working through my backlog and I don’t want to add to the pile. At least not until SSX and Mass Effect 3 come out.

Speaking of Mass Effect 3, holy demo goodness. For Cereal, go get that shit right now. Commander Will Shepard is a galactic badass.

Well I gotta get back to work. To bad I can’t make a living with my guitar. At least not yet… >:)


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