Does the Vita work in The FP?

I love me some Little Big Planet

So remember how I got my 3DS for twenty-six cents? Yeah, well, that’s gone now and now I have a PS Vita. And I for that for $1.75. Like I said before, I’m a trade in maniac when I hit the right promos.

I gotta say the Vita is a much better system for me than the 3DS was. After I beat Mario and Zelda there was really nothing coming out for it that I wanted to play other than Kid Icarus, and I’m not even that thrilled by that so far. And the 3D effect, while cool at times, was more than a little gimmicky. But the Vita? Sexy as hell.

As I was discussing with my buddy Journel (PSN ID: S3 Prototype, XBGT: Server Jesus), I’m in love with the entire Uncharted franchise while he’s a HUGE Metal Gearhead. I’d be lying if I said that the main reason I bought this wasn’t for Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Oh my god that game is beautiful. Now Journel can’t get into Uncharted (even with my constant prodding) kinda like I can’t just seem to get deep into the MGS series. Too much crazy shit happening in that game.

Speaking of crazy shit in games, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare came out and I gotta say I’m impressed. I loved the original Alan Wake and the end left me wanting more. This fills the void left by the original but it isn’t a direct sequel but more of a side story, sort of. I’ll know more after I delve into it a little more. Now I tried to explain the storyline to Journel and, to summize, this was his exact response:

Yeah, that was what he said. Pretty much exactly.

Oh yeah, I bet some of you are wondering what the hell The FP is. The FP is an upcoming movie with a Batshit Crazy plot:

IN THE FUTURE (Capitalized for emphasis), the world is in ruins. Gangs roam the street and battle in a ancient art known as…

Beat Beat Revolution.


I guess they couldn’t get the right to Dance Dance Revolution. Can’t imagine why. That’s not the crazy part though. The crazy thing is this is actually getting awards and selections from film festivals. You may think I’m making this up but I swear to god I’m now. Don’t believe me? Here’s the trailer:

See! I told you! Freaking insanity.

Well now that I’ve properly disturbed you for the day, you may go about your business. Carry on.


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