2 Ninjas, 1 Podcast Episode 2: A Whirlwind of Fists and Elbows

Hey guys. Sorry for posting it late but Episode 2 of 2 Ninjas, 1 Podcast is up and running! This week we talk about Xfinity/HBO GO app troubles, our co-op history together and a lot of Sony News. Have a listen and enjoy!

2 Ninjas, 1 Podcast Episode 2: A Whirlwind of Fists and Elbows


Converse in The Ninjaverse Episode 3: Michael Bay needs to be stopped

Just look at this picture. Really that’s all you need to know about Michael Bay.

But today is Tuesday, so that means a new episode of Converse in The Ninjaverse is ready to invade your earholes. We seemed to have worked out most of our audio problems so this one, technically, may be one of our best sounding episodes yet. This week we talk about our box office predictions (because we recorded early this week), recasting Caddyshack and, of course, Michael F’N Bay.

God he makes me so angry…

Oh yeah! We have a new logo! check it:

I dig it. We kinda look like LEGO Ninjas.

Anyway, here’s the new show. Enjoy!

Converse in The Ninjaverse Episode 3: Michael Bay needs to be stopped

2 Ninjas, 1 Podcast Episode 1: I’ll Never Let Go, Burnout. I’ll Never Let Go.

No, this isn’t the lesser known sequel to 3 Ninjas Kick Back. No sir, this is the first episode of our NEW gaming podcast! JD (@s3prototype on Twitter) and myself (@halfazedninja) discuss the EA server closures, games that deserve a retro reboot and whiny Mass Effect 3 players. We also have a game giveaway for the PS Vita to unleash on you guys!

So, so you all have the scheduling down, Converse in The Ninjaverse will be posting on Tuesday mornings and 2 Ninjas, 1 Podcast will be posting on Friday mornings. Also, the audio gets a little rough at times in this episode because JD needs a new Mic. Get on that dude 🙂

So listen, enjoy and comment!

Also, if you’re looking for us on iTunes just look for Converse in The Ninjaverse. It’s falling under that heading for right now I believe. I just submitted to Stitcher so hopefully we’ll be up there soon.

2 Ninjas, 1 Podcast Episode 1

I’m going to punch Michael Bay in the uterus…


If you would, please read what the picture is above.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Somebody please explain to Michael Fucking Bay that NOWHERE in that title does it say “Alien” ANYWHERE IN THE TITLE!

For shit’s sake man, seriously?

By the way, this picture captures the essence of this douchenozzle perfectly:


That’s all you need to know right there folks…

Converse in The Ninjaverse Episode 2: Barnabas Collins, New England Man of Mystery

Hey look! We made another episode of Converse in The Ninjaverse! This week we take a look at Tim Burton’s, uh, interesting Dark Shadows trailer, some local jersey news and our predictions for The Walking Dead season finale (since we recoded this right before it aired). Take a listen and leave some comments and suggestions!

Linky Link

The progress on the gaming podcast is moving along and hopefully that will be up later this week.

Converse in the Ninjaverse Episode 1: Zombies in The FP

Why hello there! The first episode of the FIRST podcast to come out of The Ninjaverse is now available. Will (that’s me), my buddy Chris and his cousin Mike talk about movies, TV and some other stuff as well.

The sound gets a little tinny near the end because we’re still working out the kinks and Mike needs a better mic (hehe) but, other than that, let us know what you think!

A note: there is a little bit of gaming talk in this one but in the future there isn’t going to be. The reason for that is that Mike and Chris aren’t really big gamers. That’s why there is a SECOND podcast in the works with my buddy Journel. More details on that will be coming in the coming days. So listen and give us your feedback!

Converse in The Ninjaverse Episode 1: Zombies in The FP