There’s A Storm A-Brewin’!

First, before I say anything, holy balls have you seen the new Avengers trailer? If not watch it now, here, and then we’ll talk:

Every time I see this trailer I want to kiss it on the mouth. It’s beautiful. But what the hell is that thing at the end of the trailer? A crossover with Shockwave at the end? A Skrull Warship? Galactus’s penis? We’ll find out in May!

Now, for the reason I actually am posting today, there will soon be a podcast coming so you can hear the ranting and raving of nerds at your own convenience. This is going to be a 2 to 3 man podcast, so it’s not just going to be me rambling all crazy like while hopped up on Mountain Dew and M&M’s and it’s going to cover Movies, games, comics, general nerd news, and whatever the hell else we want to talk about. I know it’s probably going to start as a weekly deal, for now, then maybe go twice a week but not for a while. Let’s see if anyone actually wants to listen to us first 🙂

My buddy Journel actually came up with the title for it and I love it. Originally I wanted to call it The Halfassed Podcast but, believe it or not, someone actually is in the process of using that already. That makes me a sad panda. But, like a phoenix from the ashes (not like Phoenix in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom because she’s gimpy as hell now) a new name arose. And that name is…

Going to be revealed to you this week. I don’t wants anyone to steal it lol.

Now, because I gave you something awesome to start this off with, I have to counteract that with something horrible. Sorry, that’s the why the ball bounces. So I leave you with the awful first 10 minutes of The FP. I apologize in advance for any mental anguish this may cause you:


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