Call of Duty: Meh Ops


We all knew it was coming. Black Ops (or BlOps because it’s fun to say) is getting a direct sequel and, honestly, I could care less.

Seriously, the CoD series hasn’t changed much since the original Modern Warfare other that the big perk improvements in MW2. No one cares about the storyline which can reach Michael Bay-levels of over the topness and the multiplayer hasn’t had much innovation at all.

I think Activision needs to give the franchise a year or two off. Look at Tony Hawk. Every year there was a Tony Hawk game that started with the awesome Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and ended with the abysmal Ride. God was that bad. It was fun to watch someone nearly kill themselves but that was about it. Now, after a nearly two year absence, they are bringing back the Pro Skater line.

CoD needs to rest in a retirement home for a bit and then come out guns blazing like Morgan Freeman in Red. And, for fucks sake, give us a different setting.

I would LOVE for those rumors of Call of Duty: Future Warfare that were buzzing around a couple of years ago to be true. Imaging running around with laser rifles and hoverships and what not! That would be something I’d gladly plunk $60 on.


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