Oh Pre-E3 Week, you are such a tease

My DVR is almost cleaned out. There’s whispers in the air. Anticipation levels are high…


Oh I love this time of year but I especially love this particular week. This is the week that all of the different publisher have loose lips with some of their upcoming stuff. I’m only going to touch on a couple of things right now because there’s a lot more we are discussing on this weeks 2 Ninjas 1 Podcast. Oh where should we start…

How about a new GEARS OF WAR!

This is the cover of next months Game Informer. Looks like someone got locked away in the Gears-verse. I expect a lot more details next week. And, for the love of Batman, keep the Kinect away from it.

Dead Space scares the shit out of me. No lie. Fuck that game. Now that it has some co-op going into it I may play it now.

And now for the game that has just shot to the top of my radar, Injustice: Gods Among Us

Holy Sweet Mother Of Batman! I can’t even find the words to describe how bad I want this game! I hope they have classic costumes in it though, I hate that version of Harley Quinn.

We’ll be recording tonight so tweet us (@halfazedninja, @s3prototype, @theninjaverse) or email us at theninjaverse@gmail.com with what you hope you see at E3 this year!


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