Some Thoughts On The Amazing Spider-Man

So the Fourth of July movie this year is The Amazing Spider-Man. I went to see it last night (free movie ticket FTW) and felt the need to post a few points about it. I’ll be giving a full, probably spoilerful, review of it on next week’s Converse In The Ninjaverse. Anyway, here’s my thoughts on the flick:

– Was the reboot necessary? No, but the movie was damn good. I actually liked it better than the original.

– It starts a tad slow but picks up steam quickly.

– Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy looks like she stepped right off of the comic book page. It’s eerie.

– It took three damn movies teasing The Lizard for him to make him show up. It was worth the wait.

– Andrew Garfield is a better Spider-Man/Peter Parker than Toby was.

– They borrow a bit from both Marvel Universes (616 and Ultimate).

– C. Thomas Howell is very good in his small but essential role.

– There is a mid-credits scene instead of a post credits scene. WHO THE HELL WAS THAT? I have some theories.

That’s all I’m giving you for now but I will say that after this movie I’m looking forward to ASM 2.


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