The Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Wants To Punch You In The Netherregions


In the current generation of consoles Downloadable Content has become a given for nearly every game that comes out. Sometimes the DLC is frivolous while at other times it’s a welcome addition such as the recent Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. But what happens when the DLC that you are purchasing is already on the disk that you paid $60 for?

Street Fighter X Tekken, a game that merges the Street Fighter and Tekken universes, launched in March for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to a very welcoming public. Well, welcoming until some enterprising people dug into the game code and uncovered 12 extra characters that were due to be included with the upcoming PS Vita version were already included on the SFxT disk. Capcom, the developers of SFxT, claims it was for “balancing issues” so that when the DLC launched later in the year everything would stay fine tuned.

Now, if you own a PS3 and the PS Vita version of SFxT, you will not have to pay for the extra characters. But what is the cost if you don’t own the PS vita version or own an Xbox 360?

Twenty dollars, or 1600 Microsoft points.

I find it outrageous that Capcom would charge that amount of money for something that the consumers have already paid $60 for especially when you look at the recent DLC for Skyrim, Dawnguard. Downguard adds an insane amount of all new content to the game, content that was not already included on the disk. The price of that content? The exact cost of the content that is already included on SFxT.

So what is your take on DLC that is on the disk already? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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