So I Met Jay And Silent Bob Yesterday

So yesterday was a fun, long and exhausting day! The family and I went to Red Bank to Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash to go to the signing of Tough Shit that they were filming for Comic Book Men. The signing was supposed to be from 2-5pm and we got there at 12:30 the line was already around the building.

Jason “Head of Security” Mewes was making sure everyone stayed orderly by shooting people with a water gun, which he then used to try to carjack Mercedes. Security at work! But then he just started taking pictures with everyone.



Jay hung out by us for like a good half hour just bullshitting with us and playing with my kids. Dude is straight up awesome.

Now, I did say the signing was over at 5pm right? Yeah, we didn’t see him till 7. Kevin Smith wasn’t leaving until EVERYONE IN LINE got something signed and took a picture with him! That’s the kind of guy he is. When we got up to him the line behind us was STILL wrapped around the building. And he wasn’t rushing people either, he was chatting with everyone.



This pic was funny because My Harlee Quinn introduced herself to Kevin and he was all excited and said “I have one of those too!”


The girls each drew a pic of Dante and Randal for Kevin. He was so impressed with it that he is going to hang them in The Stash!


Now when I got up to him I had two things to sign: a copy of Tough Shit and his script for Superman Lives, the one that Tim Burton canned years ago. I told him that and he said “Go with the script”. I did and, well, here it is:


And a closer look at what he wrote:


I told him that I heard that’s how he signs them and he said “I haven’t signed one of these in a long time. The feeling still stands”. Awesome.

He even posed for a pic with the whole family. It was a great day, maybe next time I’ll get the book signed. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the script signed 🙂



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