So in a few days I will be boarding a plane and heading to Dallas for Gearbox’s Community and assorted other stuff. I’m going to be crashing at JD’s house for a few days and my plans while I’m there include checking out Gearbox (and asking Randy Pitchford if there’s going to be another Duke Nukem game that isn’t going to be shit), attending the Borderlands 2 launch party (Woot Woot!), playing a little Aliens: Colonial Marines and eating like it’s my last days on Earth. This thing is first on the list:


This, my friends, is the Freebirds Super Monster Burrito. According to JD I can put whatever the hell I want in it. It’s glorious.

We will be taking TONS of pictures and video from the event so make sure to follow our Twitters (@halfazedninja@s3prototype and @theninjaverse) and we may break in our youtube channel this weekend too!

Also, since when did airlines stop giving meals on flights? This is like a 5 1/2 hour flight and they want me to get by on a half a can of soda and a bag of chips? That’s some bullshit!


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