Oh Nintendo, What Are You Doing? (*UPDATED*)

Nintendo has lost their damn mind…

First, let me preface this by saying all of these details are for the Japanese launch. Things may (and hopefully will) change in other territories.

Ok, so Nintendo had an event in Japan announcing the Wii U details over there. Let’s start with the news that’s not going to hurt your wallet first. December 8th is the date the Wii U is set the debut in Japan and the two first party Nintendo games that will be launching with it are New Super Mario Bros Wii U (is it really new anymore?) and Nintendoland (which is not the sequel to the film Adventureland). No surprises there.

They also detailed a little bit about Nintendo Network Premium. Apparently it’s going to work like a sort-of rewards/discount program. Game purchases and DLC will be 10% off and, from the sounds of it, the more you purchase the more you save. I’ll touch more on this in a second.

Now here’s where stuff starts getting a little nutty. First of all, the Wii U will NOT come with a sensor bar. Nintendo’s reasoning behind this is that purchasers of the Wii U probably already own a Wii (the Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wii). Interesting, but this is the first clue of Nintendo showing it’s shortsightedness.

The pricing is the second clue. Nintendo is expecting the Japanese to trade in kids from the looks of the Yen and US conversion rates.

The Wii U is going to come in two flavors, Basic and Premium. The basic set includes the console (in white), Wii U gamepad, AC adapter, HDMI cable and 8GB of internal flash memory (but you can use SD cards to increase your storage) and costs 26,250 yen which converts to about $337 bucks.

Now lets talk about the Premium model. The Premium model includes a black console and gamepad, 32 GB of internal storage, AC adapter, HDMI cable, a gamepad dock, console stand and a 2 year subscription for Nintendo Network Premium. This one will set you back 31,500 yen, or $405 bucks.

The thing that strikes me as interesting is that 2 year Nintendo Network Premium subscription. As of right now there has been not mention of how, or if, Basic purchasers can get the Premium subscription. Also, the fact that it’s a limited subscription makes me wonder what the cost will be when it’s time to renew.

But, you know what else Nintendo loves? ACCESSORIES!

Let’s start with that extra Wii U gamepad (even though the system doesn’t support dual gamepads at launch). That will set you back 13,400 yen, or about $170. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS FOR A FUCKING CONTROLLER? I can by a 3DS for less than that! The Game Pad Pro (ya know, the one that looks like the Xbox 360 controller) will cost 5,040 yen, which is about $65. That’s a little more reasonable.

You remember how the Wii U doesn’t come with a sensor bar? Well Nintendo is offering a a bundle that includes the Nunchuck, Wiimote and Sensor bar for about the same cost as the Game Pad Pro.

Now, like I said earlier, ALL of these details may possibly change for the US and European events. Our buddy Brittney is actually attending the Nintendo Press Event at 10am this morning so keep an eye on blondenerd.com for details of her misadventures in NYC. New York won’t know what hit it.

My predictions? I think the system is going to weigh in at $300 and $350 for the Basic and Premium editions, respectively and the extra gamepad is going to be $100. And at those prices? No fucking way is this thing going to be a hit.

Let me leave you with and old Ninjaverse proverb:

Man can not live on Mario alone.


So the US details are out and I was dead on with the price of the system. Look like they are going with $299 and $349 BUT the Premium system is going to come with NintendoLand. Both systems are going to come with the sensor bar (unlike Japan) and they are going to be available November 18th.

Oh and Bayonetta 2 is a WII U EXCLUSIVE?!? JD is none too pleased about that but it’s an interesting move. No word on a Zelda or Metroid though other than a Metroid zone in NintendoLand.

They also announced Nintendo TVii (isn’t that cute) that puts TV on your Wii U. You know, like you can do on your 360.

So what do you guys think? Is this making you want the system or do you not care?


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