2 Ninjas 1 Podcast Episode 32: Xbox Live 10th Anniversary Spectacular!


2 Ninjas 1 Podcast Episode 332: Xbox Live 10th Anniversary Spectacular!

It’s safe to say that without Xbox Live, The Ninjaverse would probably not exist. I met JD, Rob and our other guest this week Matt all through Xbox Live and we’ve become pretty good friends because of it. This week we go through Xbox Live from the beginning some of our best gaming stories and more.

Oh yeah, did I mention we also have a VERY special guest this week?


Author of Schooled: A Lexy Cooper Videogame Mystery and formerly known as Trixie360 on Xbox Live, Christa Charter joins us for some Xbox Live memories from her days with Microsoft! She talks about the launch of Xbox Live, Zero Hour, why she doesn’t have an Xbox Gamertag anymore and a fun story with CeCe Deville. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

As always you can follow us on Twitter (@halfazedninja@s3prototype and @theninjaverse) and you can find The Ninjaverse on iTunes, Stitcher, FacebookCafe PressTumblr and the Ultness site! You can also send us an email at theninjaverse@gmail.com. Our intro music Dynamite Punch done by Mark Dago (@markdagomarkdago.bandcamp.com) off of the free download Kill Screen. Listen and Enjoy!


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