‘Tis The Season To Be Geeky


Santa Chief wants to to have a Merry Christmas. You better do what he says, Santa Chief doesn’t mess around…

So first let me apologize for our somewhat uneven podcast schedule as of late. With Christmas preparations, work schedules, travelling and what not it’s gotten a little nutty over in The Ninjaverse. We do have some fun stuff coming up the Rainbow Road so stay tuned for that (including an extra special Christmas Special).

So, what have I been up to besides not keeping a coherent podcast schedule? SLOWLY working my way through the new game backlog. I swear it never ends. Oh, a word about PSAS really quick:

It’s good and really fun. but if you go into it like SSB you will lose. Horribly.


My top three for me are Drake, Raiden and Evil Cole. Oh and Sackboy is a cheap bitch, at least until the patch hits.

Also, this is coming in the mail today. I am super excited.

8 bit wreath

Yeah buddy! This little beauty is over at ThinkGeek and it’s on sale so GO GET IT! (*Batteries Not Included)

I think that’s it for now. But there is going to be some more writing over here (maybe by even some of the other members of The Ninajverse) so stay tuned!


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