Freaking Cartoon Network cancelling good shows again…


Son of a Bitch…

I know I’m a little late with this news (as well as late with last week’s CITN) but it’s been a bit of a busy week. Last week Cartoon Network announced that the DC Nation block will continue but without the shows currently airing in the block, Green Lantern and Young Justice. Now Green Lantern is good (maybe a little slow at times) but Young Justice is one of the best show on the network right now. It’s fucking deep for a “kids cartoon” and has me and my kids at the edge of our seates every week. We in The Ninjahouse are not amused by this change.

So what will be airing in the DC Nation when the current shows come to a premature end? Beware The Batman (with gun toting Alfred and sidekick Katana because when I think Batman I think Katana, not Robin…) and Teen Titans GO (which I approve of because my kids and I were all HUGE fans of the original Teen Titans).

But my questions is why does Cartoon Network do this with all of their good shows? Thundercats & He-Man were awesome shows that got no suppport from the network. God forbid they ever are in charge of a Silverhawks reboot, you know that would get treated like shit too.

The other interesting tidbit is apparently Star Wars: The Clone Wars is going to Disney (presumably Disney XD which is where Ultimate Spider-Man and Tron: Legacy lives) but Cartoon Network has the rights to a LEGO Star Wars series that is going to star Yoda. Interesting.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo reruns.

Also, Converse In The Ninjaverse Episode 37 (which we recorded last week) should be up in the next day or two. It got caught up in editing.


3 thoughts on “Freaking Cartoon Network cancelling good shows again…

  1. I’m a teenage girl. I love YJ. I knew a kind in pre-k who loved it. People of all ages love it, and so the cancellation is a total outrage. It’s good to see people like you saying something about it. 🙂

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