So It Looks Like I’m Getting Injustice At… Wal-Mart?

injustice quinn


It should come as no surprise to listeners of 2N1P that I’m super excited for Injustice: Gods Among Us. As Rob (BobHALO) so nicely puts it I have a giant boner for it.

Now I have my copy all preordered and waiting for me at Best Buy. I also planned on preordering it from Gamestop at PAX East because I’ll probably get a T-Shirt for ordering it like I got in 2011 when I preordered Mortal Kombat. But, it seems, a wrench has been thrown in the works.


Why on earth would I be getting this from Wal-Mart? Because Wal-Mart has the sexiest skin pack for for the game as a preorder bonus. Gamestop is giving you the Red Son Skin Pack which gives you Russian skinned versions of Superman, Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy (and his pants). But Wal-Mart? The Arkham City Skin Pack. BEHOLD!:

injustice skins


Dude, for serious? A lot of people complained about the way Batman looks in Injustice but this skin? Sex Incarnate.

So yeah, I’m getting this at Wal-Mart. They better have a collector’s edition on hand though…


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