Sony Shot First, And They Shot Good!

It appears that the future is here!

Last night Sony held an event about “The Future of Playstation”. With all of the look backs and rumors about the future and rumors floating around it was an inevitable conclusion that they were going to be revealing the PS4, and reveal they did…well sort of.

It’s coming this year and while Sony didn’t reveal what the actual system looks like, they did show off the new controller. Behold, the Dual Shock 4:

ps4 dual shock

Not a huge departure design-wise from the previous Dual Shocks, but a nice change. a couple of cool things about the controller:

– The Playstation Move functionality is built in to the controller and every PS4 system is coming with a next gen Playstation Eye

– The little touch pad dealio on it for quick XMB 2.0 access

– That share button!

Ok, so let’s talk about that Share button a bit. What the share button lets you do is take quick screenshots or even broadcast yourself on Ustream with one quick button push. A very cool feature, especially in the age of streaming everything.

Speaking of that, they are putting a HUGE emphasis on Social Interaction. You REAL NAME is going to be visible (an option I hope that can be turned off. That’s going to lead to problems) and you will be able to view you friends games and, if they suck, you can actually take control of their game if they are stuck in a tight spot. It seems that the PS4 will FINALLY have a party chat (fucking took long enough).

Moving on, they announced how background compatibility is going to work. It seems that the entire library of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games may be available through Gaikai’s streaming technology. No word on if there is going to be any type of subscription required so we’ll stay tuned for that.

And something I suspected when the Playstation Vita was first announced, you are going to be able to use your Vita WiiU-style and remote play PS4 games on it. Something tells me this is the breath of Life that the Vita needed (See what I did there?).

They also showed off some games (finally, I know). First up is Knack:

Knack looks fun, but not exactly “next-gen”. It kinda reminds me of Kameo. Next up is a game that Capcom is coming out that’s right now under the working title of Deep Down:

Honestly, I thought this was Dragon’s Dogma 2. I looks pretty cool. Next up, the obligatory Killzone trailer, which does look pretty cool:

It’s Killzone. You shoot things. Next up is the game I geeked out HARD for. I’m a huge fan of the series and I’m so glad it’s going to be continuing. Seriously, I let out an audible schoolgirl squeak when they showed it. Here’s InFAMOUS: Second Son!

AAAAAahhhhAAAHhahAHA! I know it wasn’t actual gameplay but holy shit does that look good! Finally I want to leave you with the game that left E3 jaws waggling, Watch Dogs:

Wow. Watch Dogs looks pretty awesome. I’m digging the gameplay style, it kinds strikes me as a cross between Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell with some crazy ass features. I’m super excite.

Oh yeah, there was kinda another big announcement that happened last night too. Check it:

Blizzard is coming back to consoles and they are bringing Diablo III to PS3 AND PS4?@!? Oh and Blizzard is exclusive to Sony? Oh for fucks sake just take my money now! Even more exciting is that Blizzard is coming to PAX for the first time EVER at PAX East and they are bringing Diablo III (presumably the PS3 version) with them. I might as well get in line for that now.

Now there are a ton of questions that are unanswered like:

– What does it look like?

– What type of media is it going to run?

– Cost?

But that will all get answered in time, probably at E3. But the real question is what is Microsoft going to do now?


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