PAX East Was Pretty Awesome, Except For That Firefall Statue


PAX East 2013 is over! Holy crap was it a blast this year. Lots of fun was had starting on Thursday night at the pre-PAX game night at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf. To be honest, I was a little worried that the night would be a bust, but it wound up being pretty awesome. Take a look:




Oh! Did I mention that they made us some drink specials?


Big thanks to the staff of The Waterline who gave us more room than the originally said and thanks to Chad and Chris for helping with the hosting duties! And everyone who attended, without you guys this wouldn’t have worked so well. Everyone was very chill and I will definitely plan another one for next year.

Onward to PAX East! Let’s do a comparison, empty show floor:


And now what it looked like most of the time:


Yeah dude, there were SOOO MANY PEOPLE! But I’m jumping ahead of myself, I mentioned a FireFall statue. Here’s that noisy bitch, then I’ll explain:


This thing was right in front lobby and, while very cool looking, had a VERY loud “drilling for oil” cycle that was annoying everyone including MC Frontalot. He could be seen yelling angrily at said statue and tweeting about it:


So lets talk about some games, shall we? Honestly, do you know what the biggest surprise on the show floor was? Capcom is remastering Ducktails (woohoo)!


Seriously dude, it looks awesome and they got the original voice cast back! My money, Capcom you have it.



The game is fun as hell and doesn’t quite play like Mortal Kombat. The were streaming from the Twitch booth and played it a lot on Friday which was a good thing because when word got out it was there the booth was swarmed all weekend. I’m pretty sure this is going to be another hit.. Oh, and Aquaman is a badass.

I also played a lot of Marvel Heroes which was really fun! Think a Diablo II/Marvel Ultimate Alliance mash-up. They were giving out cool stuff all weekend and were in different costumes each day. I missed Friday’s costumes but here are Saturday’s and Sunday’s:




While we’re talking about cosplay, here’s some more pics:


GAH! Slender!

There was a girl there that was dressing up as a different Harley Quinn each day. She started as Arkham City, Saturday she was Steampunk and Sunday she was Arkham Asylum.




This was the tiniest Protoman ever!


And I’m just going to leave this Hit Girl picture here…


And, finally, what PAX would be complete without a Fruit Fucker?


It was all fun, but there were two stupidly awesome memories I have:

Our game of Dungeon and Dragons: The Mines of Madness was pure ridiculousness incarnate. We survived, somehow, through giant 50 ft worms, crazy dwarf skeletons, crystal spikes and rust monsters, not to mention our group nearly blowing up the mine. Our DM had better of won the DM contest. He had to but up with all of our antics.

The concert! I FINALLY got to see MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm. They were all incredible and I really, REALLY hope that MC Frontalot releases the PA/GoT mash up he did. It was incredible.

I got tons of swag and a lot of other stuff but I’m exhausted. I’ll post tomorrow about some of the big ticket games I checked out and some of the equipment I looked at too.

And Boston, I love ya! I’ll be back next year!


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