Some thoughts in my head

I haven’t actually sat down and wrote something in a while.

I like to write, time just hasn’t been allowing me to. Between work, being a dad, being a husband and other random crap that pops up, at the end of the day I just want to veg and play a game (which right now is Infinite Crisis or Skyrim) or browse the very hilarious /r/pcmasterrace.

JD, Chris, Mike and myself had a meeting the other day to discuss some upcoming things/changes for The Ninjaverse. There’s some pretty exciting stuff on the horizon that I can’t really talk about yet. It should help us grow a bit though which is a very good thing. That being said, this site is looking a bit dated so I think a refresh is in order. I’ll have to fit that into my schedule.

We are working on getting some regularity in our Podcasting schedule. Right now (for all of the reasons listed above plus more from the other guys) we just can’t nail one down. So look for some regularity in the coming weeks.

But that’s the thing. I don’t want this to just be a place where I dump the podcast every week(ish). YEARS ago when I ran Ninjaverse Gaming I had a kickass looking site that I ran by myself. I wrote all of the reviews, previews, news articles, dealt with all the HTML bullshit and more. It was fucking exhausting wearing so many hats at one time that I finally just shut it down. But I LOVED doing all the writing.

Over the years I’ve started writing a lot of things. I’ve started a couple books, a script and various other things. And I have something else rattling around in my head that is dying to get out. I think it’s fun and cool but I don’t have all the pieces figured out yet, namely what format would work better for it (book, TV show, movie, web show). Mentally I can see it in a visual medium, but I lack the means for that.

I’m at that weird spot in life when things that you like or you think happened to you recently are really like ten or more years ago. I was way down the rabbit hole working on a Spotify playlist for when I stream over on Twitch and found a song that I loved from a while ago, Is It For Me by Toad The Wet Sprocket. That came out in 1991. NINETEEN FUCKING NINETY ONE!

After I picked up my Metamucil and prune juice and stopped yelling at the kids to get off my lawn, I realized something. I’m old as fuck, but mentally I haven’t changed. I’m still basically into the same things that I’ve been into all my life (gaming, movies, comics, assorted geeky shit). Now, personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. As they say, you’re only as old as you feel, and I feel like I’m in my twenties. Maybe I haven’t come to terms with the fact that time is ticking. Or maybe I’m hoping that someone still invents a time machine. Who knows.

I apologize for the rambling by the way, there’s more to come but I figured I throw it out here anyway.

So where was I, oh that’s right, being old. Even though I’m 37 now, married with twin almost thirteen year olds (which, again, makes me feel old as fuck) I’m pretty sure I’m never going to change. All my shit that I love is what makes me who I am. I’m sure some people don’t like it and I’m sure that there are people who used to be in my life that have either fallen off or that I don’t talk to very much anymore that maybe can’t appreciate that. And if that’s the case, I guess that’s why we’re not talking anymore.

The flip side of that is I find that I can’t get close to a lot of people. Whenever I’m anywhere, I really don’t say much. I tend to just listen and wait to see if anyone says anything that’s relevant to my interests. Sometimes it happens and I chime in then back out, Ninja-style. Other times I say nothing or politely engage in small talk. I hate small talk with the burning passion of a thousand suns. But I do it because it’s what’s socially expected.

The other day I came to a realization that I’m not anti-social, I’m a partial introvert. I’d much prefer to stay home and play a game or watch a movie/TV show with my family rather than go out on a Friday or Saturday night, even if it’s just to someone’s house. Now, I’ll be social as hell at PAX or anywhere that I consider “fun”. I think that’s my catch, whatever I do needs to be fun. For instance, going to Great Adventure – Fun, going to the beach – sort of fun but not my favorite, Going to a bar on a Friday or Saturday night – Not fun at all (for me anyway).

I’ve never been big into the bar/club scene, even back when I was single. Did I miss out on anything? Probably, but I really don’t care that much.

So what’s this have to do with The Ninjaverse? Everything, actually.

My original intention for The Ninjaverse (as it is now, not back when it was Ninjaverse Gaming) was to provide entertaining articles and, later, podcasts about all of the stuff that we love. I wanted to create a community of like minded people that all share common interests. It’s been building, slowly, but future plans aren’t ready to be talked about yet. Soon though, I promise.

So, to our fans and listeners, thank you for supporting us and thank you for reading my ramblings today. I don’t get deep often, but it’s nice to have an outlet for it sometimes. There is a bright future on the horizon and I look forward to sharing it with you.

There will also be more written articles here, hopefully a couple a week 🙂

Geek On!




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