A Happy Camper?

I think my family and friends are trying to kill me.

So Mrs. Ninja has decided that we should go camping this 4th of July weekend with another family. I’m not very outdoorsy and have spent my life avoiding horror movie-type situations. I’ve seen this movie, the ethnic guy dies first.

Now I know I’m overreacting. We’ll be in a cabin on a campground (which is as close to nature as I’m getting) so I know it won’t be totally terrible but still, never once have I wanted to go camping in life. Ever. I grew up in upstate New York in a heavily wooded area. But there’s scary things outside like bears, cobras, mountain lions, chupacabras and The Blair Witch.

The only WiFi that’s available is in the main house on the property. WHAT TYPE OF ANIMALS LIVE LIKE THIS? My kids have also turned against me. My own flesh and blood are trying to institute a “no electronics trip” (other than our phones for pictures). It’s criminal, how did my family become so cruel?

My daughter Harlee instituted an “Amish Week” (as she called it) last week. She didn’t use her phone or Kindle, only used the computer for homework and read instead of watched TV. She actually made it Sunday – Friday but had to end the week early because one of her friends was “having a crisis” (aka tween girl drama).

I guess I’ll be bringing up some family friendly, not Cards Against Humanity, games like Sentinels of the Multiverse, various Munchkin flavors, Zombie Dice, Say Anything, Pandemic and other more conventional games (like Scrabble and Monopoly). I love Sentinels by the way. I played it for the first time at PAX East and bought that and an expansion right away. Head over to their site and check it out, it’s super fun and easy to play.

More on the camping trip as it develops…

Geek On!



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