Thank you Steam Sale, I never would have played these games without you…

So we are in the midst of what I think is the longest Steam Sale ever and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’ve bought games, been gifted games, gifted people games and have really fell in love with the Steam community in general. This is really the first sale I’ve actively participated in and it’s pretty awesome.

For the few of you not familiar with what the Steam Sale actually is, let me break it down for you. It’s basically like Steam is having a Fire Sale. A game that was forty bucks last week might go on sale for ten bucks (or maybe even five bucks if it’s a flash sale). This doesn’t just apply to one or two games either this applies to almost THE ENTIRE STEAM CATALOG! There’s also an added metagame layer to the sale this year that I’m not going to get into. Let’s just say I’ve spent too much money of virtual trading cards…

Some of the games I purchased were ones that I haven’t gotten to play yet like Hitman Absolution, Splinter Cell and The Wolf Among Us and others were games that I love and just haven’t gotten to play on the PC (like Saints Row IV, Don’t Starve and Sonic Racing Transformed). But the two games that have stood out the most for me are two games that were actually gifted to me. Games that are way out of my normal range of gaming and games that can be beat in under a couple of hours. They are also two of the best games I have ever played.

The Stanley Parable  – I’ve heard about this one for a while and never looked into it. It was on my wishlist because I knew I would play it eventually, I just didn’t know when and I was in no rush. My first night with TSP I stayed up till two in the morning and beat the game seven different times. And had seven different endings.

I don’t want to say to much to ruin it for those that haven’t played it yet but The Stanley Parable is a game about choice. Do you chose to follow directions or do you choose to go your own way? What effects to your choices have on your life?

It’s also is a deconstruction of the modern way of gameplay and storytelling. I really don’t want to say more about it, you really should check out the demo to see if you’re intrigued. Also, I want the narrator’s voice in my head all the time.

Gone Home – I don’t know where to start with this one, I didn’t see this one coming.

The plot is that you have just gotten back from a year long trip in Europe. In that year your parents and sister have moved into a house that was handed down to from your great uncle. When you arrive at the house no one is home and there is a note on the door from your sister that tells you not to come looking for her. From there the whole game revolves around figuring out what’s going on and where everyone is.

That is seriously all I am telling you about the plot. The set up of exploring a house that is totally new to the main character (Katie) and the mystery surrounding the fact that no one is home sounds like the biggest survival horror cliche, but it’s not a survival horror game. In fact, there is not one enemy to fight in the game at all (although every time I was going into a dark room my survival horror instincts would go into overdrive). It takes place in the 90’s so there Trapper Keepers to find, cassette tapes to listen to and hand written notes everywhere (the 90’s = no texting). The last thing I’m going to tell you is that it’s a beautiful story told in an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful way. I’m a grown ass man and I teared up at the end.

Both of these games are on sale till the 29th for five to ten dollars (they may get lower, Gone Home was $2.50 at one point). Do yourself a favor and get them.

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Converse in The Ninjaverse Episode 84: Well That Was Disappointing

Converse in The Ninjaverse Episode 84: Well That Was Disappointing


This week Will, Chris and Mike discuss Mike’s trip to Wizard World Philly, Chris gives a rant filled review of Maleficent (Spoilers Ahead!), DC’s planned movie line up, and the recently announced “Unauthorized Saved by the Bell” movie that will be airing on Lifetime.

Tales From The Ninjaverse Episode 7: A New Beginning

Tales From The Ninjaverse Episode 7: A New Beginning

Tales from the Ninjaverse Returns! Join Mike, Chris and author Chris Jensen as they discuss the Bizarre AC Convention that was held in Atlantic City June 13th through the 15th.  

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Gah! Where did the week go?

Holy shit it’s Friday? Damn this week flew by!

That’s all I got for this week, it’s been a bit of a blur. Next week look for a new CiTN, Tales from The Ninjaverse and, quite possibly, the new gaming show that has risen from the ashes of 2N1P. I have a guest lined up, one you’re all familiar with, we’re just trying to nail down a recording time. Stay tuned!

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Converse In The Ninjaverse Episode 83: Long Distance Dedication

Converse In The Ninjaverse Episode 83: Long Distance Dedication

On this week’s CitN, while Will is away doing Father’s Day stuff, Chris and Mike go it alone, talking about the passing of radio and voiceover great Casey Kasem, Harrison Ford’s ankle, Phineas and Ferb visiting that galaxy far, far away,  some Marvel and DC casting news, and Michael Keaton’s art imitating life.

Changes are afoot

Let’s just get the bad news out of the way first. 2 Ninjas 1 Podcast is going on a bit of a hiatus.

There’s a lot of changes going on behind the scenes (that I can’t talk about just yet) and JD wants to help out on that side of things. It’s a decision that I wasn’t too happy with but, after discussions last night, I’m a little better with. In light of that, 2N1P will be changing. We’re not sure what direction the show will take: A new name (obviously), am I going to have a series of guest hosts until I find someone, will I just have open discussions with various people in the industry? I don’t know. we’ll have more info on that in the coming weeks.

Because of the hiatus of 2N1P, Converse in The Ninjaverse will be recorded and aired in a slightly different fashion. We’ve worked out a better recording schedule so that certain features (such as the Box Office) aren’t woefully out of date by the time the show goes up. We are also adding a CiTN mini preview show (name pending) as an intro to the movies and/or events happening that coming weekend and then talk about that stuff on CiTN proper.

Chris, Mike and author Chris Jensen are also going to try to put out our horror themed podcast, Tales From The Ninjaverse, on a more consistent basis. If demand is high enough it may be going to a bi-weekly basis. More on that at a later date.

The other change may surprise long time listeners of 2N1P: I bought a Wii U and am enjoying the hell out of it.

Okay, so I got a little caught up in the Mario Kart 8 hype and it’s not going to replace my PC as my main gaming machine anytime soon, but the Wii U is actually a fun little machine. That being said, I won’t purchasing anything on there that’s isn’t a Nintendo exclusive. Also, in my opinion, Nintendo KILLED IT at E3. My only tinge of disappointment came from that lack of a Metroid title announcement, but I’ll live because holy shit that Zelda game!

The fact that it’s open world excites the hell out of me. Let’s be honest, almost every Zelda game since the NES has followed the same formula. This is going to shake it up and looks like a fucking anime as well. Take my money in 2015.

Speaking of 2015, is there ANYTHING coming out this year? It seems that almost everything is coming out in 2015, especially when it comes to Sony. The only games coming out for PS4 this year that I’d want to play is Destiny and Little Big Planet 3 (which was a nice surprise). But The Order, Batman: Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4 and a bunch of others are all coming out in 2015. Evolve is coming out this year (for now) but I’ll probably buy that on PC.

And Microsoft? Other than the announcement of Crackdown for the Xbox One, nothing really super exciting struck me. Now that Dead Rising 3 is coming out for PC my interest in a Xbox One is less than zero.

So, yeah, there are some changes happening. If it helps us grow, I’m all for it. More announcements coming soon.

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