Converse In The Ninjaverse Episode #92: It’s a slow news week…


This week Will, Chris and Mike talk about Marvel Live, the MTV VMA’s (Hey it’s a really slow news week), Mike FINALLY seeing Man of Steel, some “WTF???” News and more!


No thanks EA, I’ll stick with The Sims 3…

They just heard about the box of sadness that is The Sims 4

I’ve been a Sims player since the first game, it’s one of the original PC timesinks for me (besides Rollercoaster Tycoon). With every iteration of The Sims, through the countless expansions or new games) there has always been new bells and whistles for your little virtual people of use and make there lives better or worse. Or you could just put them in a pool and remove all the ladders (looks sternly at his sister-in-law)…

But, lest we forget, EA publishes The Sims and EA has found a new way to nickel and dime it’s customers in the grossest way possible with The Sims 4. Before I get to that though, let’s talk about the general look of The Sims 3, oh wait, I mean The Sims 4.

Seriously, TS4 and TS3 don’t really look all that different from each other. I did download The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim demo and while the new creation tools are nice, they don’t seem to work as advertised from all of the gameplay demos. All of the pushing, pulling and tugging works, but not to the extent that we’ve seen. Again, maybe there are some restrictions put on the demo (like the fact that you can only make Young Adult Sims in it) but let’s circle back to that in a second.

Over on Sims4News on Tumblr they have a HUGE, disgusting list of 89 features that are missing from The Sims 4. I’m not going to post the entire list here, just the first two sections:


  • No create a style (CAST) – NOT possible in future expansions (x) 
  • No modifications to world/public spaces – The park in the demo is a mix of a community lot and public space (x1) (x2) 
  • No “normal” careers – Law enforcementMedicalBusiness, etc. were removed (x)
  • No open world – You must incur a loading screen between each active lot; each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total (x1) (x2) 
  • No pools (x) 
  • No terrain tools other than paint; everything is perfectly flat (x) 
  • No story progression – Sims in the neighborhood age, but do not have children, get jobs, move, get married…etc. without player intervention (x) 
  • No toddlers (x)
  • No way to create/place new lots – And you only have 2 empty ones at the start of the game!
  • No Mac version of the game at release


  • All buildings on a lot must have the same foundation. No mixing for sheds, garages, etc. (x)
  • Babies are mere objects – All interactions are through basinet. There are no baby objects. Babies can only be lifted directly above basinet. (x) 
  • Backgrounds are illusions – The buildings in the background are not playable in the game. (x) 
  • Completely FLAT lots – The entire build-able world is completely flat (x) 
  • Fewer floors/levels, limited to three (x1) (x2) 
  • SIGNIFICANTLY smaller “worlds” of <25 lots compared to 125+ lots in TS3 (x) 
  • Smaller lots – Lots are limited to 50×50 instead of 64×64. (x) 
  • Loading screens for individual lots (x) 
  • The map is a one-dimensional picture (x)
  • Teens are same height as adults and they, along with elders, all look nearly identical(x)

Some of the features that are missing, such as pool (freaking really? no pools?) and terrain tools, have been there since THE ORIGINAL GAME! I was always under the impression that sequels were supposed to add or enhance features, not strip them away. Why would they take away features (like my sister-in-law’s murder pool) on a game that’s supposed to be so innovative?

Because EA, that’s why. EA, King of the Microtransactions, will add these features in the countless Sims 4 expansions I guarantee it. So why would I buy a game that is only marginally graphically better with EIGHTY NINE FEATURES MISSING, some of which have been there SINCE THE FIRST SIMS?

So I guess no I’ll play the waiting game and get some of the expansions for The Sims 3 when they go on sale. Years down the road, maybe I’ll look into The Sims 4 when they add in features that should have been there in the first place…


Converse in the Ninjaverse Episode #89: Sharkians of the Galaxy

Converse in the Ninjaverse Episode #89: Sharkians of the Galaxy

This week with Will once again MIA, Chris and Mike discuss the two biggest events of the summer…Guardians of the Galaxy (spoiler free of course!) and Sharknado 2! They also touch on one of the disappointing SyFy movies of the week, Megan Fox telling the TMNT fans what they can do and more!